Kreios FL 60W

The OSRAM KREIOS FL (Flood Light) LED fixture is a work light designed for theatres and other large venues. Delivering higher luminous intensity than traditional 300W halogen fixtures, the KREIOS FL allows superior illumination of the stage during set construction and rehearsals. The color temperature and CRI have been selected to ensure accurate color render- ing. With OSRAM LED product technology, the end user receives many years of reliable, low-cost performance.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lumens: 3000, brighter than 300W halogen fixture
  •  80% less energy than traditional halogen fixtures, thus saving on electricity and ambient cooling costs
  • L70 life rating of 40,000 hours. Twenty times more life than tradi- tional halogen work light fixtures, yielding significant savings in re- placement lamp and labor costs
  •  CCT: 3200K
  •  CRI of 95 ensures reliable color rendering with OSRAM OSLON® LEDs
  •  No UV/IR emissions
  •  Compact & lightweight, easy to install
  •  Voltage: 100V to 240V, auto-ranging
  •  IP65 rated for outdoor use
  •  Passive cooling, completely silent — Black housing color maintains low visibility when not in use
  •  Diffused glass reduces glare and provides for a more comfortable workspace
  •  3 ft. power cord, unterminated — Gel frame accessory (available to purchase separately) enables quick and easy color changes

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