About Protolight

What is Protolight?

Protolight is a specialized entertainment equipment distributor and integrator, offering unparalleled service to clients across the country, and supporting 50+ entertainment lighting and audiovisual lines for retail, wholesale, and system integration. Our large volume distribution allows us to provide competitive pricing to fit within your budget. Find out more about the products we offer on our Manufacturers page.

Who are we?

Protolight was founded in 2006, with the ideals of impeccable customer service and creative problem solving. Our Founder, Chris Prezas, who hold’s a degree in Theatrical Lighting Design from DePaul University, has always believed that the customer is the director of the show. It is our goal to make sure that we understand our customer’s concept, so we can support them in finding the best tools to create their masterpiece.

Protolight’s staff includes industry experience in event design, concert touring, theatrical design, and venue consulting. This experience helps us find specific products that meet the complex creative goals of our clients.

Interested in joining our team? Visit our Careers page to view our current job openings.

Who are our clients?

Since being founded, Protolight has been providing equipment and solutions to hundreds of clients from coast to coast. Our primary client base includes:

  • Schools and universities
  • Churches and houses of worship
  • Auditoriums and theaters
  • Ballrooms and hotels
  • Meeting rooms and conference centers
  • Television and film studios
  • Architectural firms and builders

What makes us unique?

At Protolight, our number one goal is to fully educate our customers on the available products and their capabilities, so they can make the most informed purchasing decisions. At the core of this education process is having key equipment available for demonstration or rental, to support our clients’ project planning and productions.

Our team provides their unique, honest perspective and insights on products through demonstrations, one-on-one discussions, and social media interaction with customers. We offer start-to-finish support from venue consultation, to technical support and project management.

We also understand that timing is critical in this business – not only that cues must go when they are called, but also that products arrive when they are needed. We take every measure to ensure our clients stay informed of their order status and timeline throughout the process.

Want to chat?

Please visit our Contact Us page to discuss your:

  • Entertainment lighting or A/V purchase
  • Architectural lighting or systems installations
  • Entertainment or TV/film lighting rental
  • TV/film equipment purchase or studio installation