AAdynTech is a global supplier of high performance, single source LED lighting
fixtures for film, television, and mobile production industries. Designed, developed, engineered and assembled in the USA using CREE LEDs, our ground breaking fixtures are sought by lighting professionals and field crews worldwide, and have illuminated some of the most prestigious events such as the London and Sochi Olympics, Major League Baseball World Series, the Daytime Emmy Awards and several feature films.

There’s an AAdynTech LED fixture to meet any creative, technical, or environmental challenge. Our Punch and JAB series fixtures provide high output, flicker free, single-source lighting that runs cool with low current draw, saving up to 90% in energy costs. If the weather is an issue, the JAB Hurricane and new Hurricane Jr. are IP65-Rated, running on both AC power and DC battery. For versatile Tungsten and Daylight lighting, our new JAB V2 Variable provides extreme output with an adjustable color temperature range of 3,000°K to 6,000°K, opening the door to unlimited lighting applications.

Brighter. Lighter. Cleaner. Greener. The LED light you’ve been waiting for is here.

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