AV Stumpfl

AV Stumpfl GmbH, founded in Austria by Reinhold and Ulli Stumpfl, created its patented one-touch locking mechanism, the first innovation in portable projection screens since 1959. It was the only business to sell such a system until 2001. The company has four decades of experience producing top-quality electronic control and presentation systems. Today, AV Stumpfl is a market leader with the best quality projection screens and video display software in the industry.

AV Stumpfl USA is known in the industry for its incredibly reliable products. A small staff of knowledgeable professionals provides immediate service. The company is led by CEO Franklin Moore, who has been selling projection screens since the 1990s.

What motivates Moore? “Problem solving is what I like,” he says. “Industrial products are what drive the rental market. Our customers are making a capital expenditure and investment in their business when they buy from me. I am meeting a critical requirement for quality products that the industry requires.”

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