Ketra provides everything you need to illuminate your environment with the smartest, highest quality light available. The Ketra system offers unprecedented control of your lighting: replicate the sun’s natural rhythms, optimize your lighting according to tasks, or find just the right tint to accentuate a prized painting.

Ketra’s lights make constant, subtle changes, imperceptible as they occur but tailored to mimic the color and intensity of sunlight as it changes throughout the day — surrounding you with healthy, rejuvenating light and helping you restore the natural rhythms your body depends on for optimal well-being.

Screw in Ketra lights and they’re ready to go. Wirelessly controlled, connected to the whole system, and totally tunable — with an intuitive app to tie it all together.

Bring professional lighting design into your space with Ketra’s custom settings, already living inside every light. Polish your environment with perfect illumination — no matter how exacting your standards.

From one lamp to five hundred, the system scales seamlessly to adapt to your needs. Rooms can be controlled simply from a wall switch or mobile app, while larger installations can be integrated into third party consoles or time triggers.

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