For three decades, Leprecon has provided lighting control, dimming and interfacing solutions for the performance industry. Leprecon has always existed “to bring enjoyment to peoples’ lives through the application of technology to entertainment lighting.”

Leprecon manufactures a wide range of lighting products that illuminate not only touring and theatrical productions, but also corporate environments and houses of worship. Leprecon continues to be a highly respected member of the lighting industry, having built a strong reputation for making useful, durable, “road tough” products. Through the years, we have developed close working relationships with some of the top touring companies, theatrical houses, and lighting consultants in the industry.

“Technology provides powerful tools to the entertainment lighting designer, but the complexity of control threatens to destroy creativity. We have worked hard to develop equipment that allows operators to easily and quickly program, and control systems of both moving lights and conventional lights. It’s our goal to help designers and operators get the most out of a system quickly and efficiently, to keep the complexity of the system from bogging down the creative process, and to help designers make entertainers look great.”

This is in keeping with our philosophy to sell solutions, to enable the creative process, to promote interoperability, and allow lighting designers to work effectively with the best combination of tools they can put together.

“Customer satisfaction is really important to us. We’ve based our business on building products to fit the customers’ needs. It is very important to us that our products perform as they are advertised and work as they are expected. It is also important that the customer knows the company, knows who to call, and knows they will get the support they need. Building products that are solid, are reliable, and are innovative — that’s what Leprecon is about.

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