Milos produces a wide range of products and structural solutions with the flexibility to change and adapt to required conditions. Customers are provided with the versatility they need, when they need it. Maximum value of money is delivered with each product offer to help customers build their business while Milos keeps pace with their evolving demands.

Milos was founded in 1994. The continuous improvement and development of its product line, and intense focus on customer service, has helped it to quickly grow into one of the largest truss manufacturers in Europe. Expansion quickly followed with establishment of the Milos U.K. subsidiary, and then with Milos America. In 2007, a new Milos manufacturing plant was opened in Guangzhou, China, followed by the opening of Milos Concepts GmbH in 2010. Milos is a part of Area Four Industries group, that was founded in 2012 when the TOMCAT, JAMES THOMAS ENGINEERING and LITEC brands were acquired. Area Four Industries is now the world’s largest aluminium trussing and staging manufacturer.

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