Right Arm 3

The Right Arm makes it simple to add pan  and tilt capabilities to a wide variety of static lighting, video and projection devices. The  patented design is cost-effective, dependable  and easy to use. Quiet, accurate, user-defined movements and repositioning capabilities from  the lighting console provide the reliability and  flexibility needed to use one fixture for multiple applications. Maximize your lighting with the  Right Arm® pan and tilt system.

•    Smooth, Quiet Operation
•    Torque:
Pan – 5 Foot-Pounds Average Tilt – 10 Foot-Pounds Average
•    Range: Pan – 300° Tilt – 270°User-defined
•    Speed: Pan – 180° in 6 Seconds Tilt – 180° in 6 Seconds
•    Full LED Display with Simple Multi-Feature Programming
•    DMX Control and Indexing
•    Power Consumption: 50W
•    Patented Design
•    CE Rated
•    Made in the USA

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