F8-B LED UV Fresnel

If you are looking for dramatic, eye-popping blacklight effects, your fixture needs to emit true 365nm ultraviolet light. Most LED blacklights emit 385nm to 400nm, producing an inefficient output requiring added filters and lower output.Zylight’s F8-B is the only fixture that combines our proprietary Tru365TM LED module with the flexibility and control of a focusable glass Fresnel lens. Built on our 100% silent and field-proven F8 platform, the F8-B delivers the latest in blacklight LED technology with no lenses to change, no filters to check, and no fixed beam patterns to limit your creativity. Emitting a powerful narrow band of UV light, that’s the power of Tru365TM.

Bring a World of Flexibility to Your Venue or Event:

  • Flicker Free Performance.
  • Adjustable Speed and Random Strobe, as well as Flash Modes (via firmware update)
  • Proprietary Tru365TM UV-LED engine. Designed and engineered by Zylight, specifically for use in the F8 chassis.

Plus, All the Features of the Award Winning F8 Platform:

  • High-Contrast OLED display
  • Built-in DMX, Zylink, and local control
  • Passive cooling for 100% silent operation
  • IP54 Protection
  • Optically clear Schott Glass Fresnel that won’t yellow like plastic optics.
  • A unique Fresnel design that allows full focusable control of your 365 source. No lenses to change or lose, no optics to configure, just turn the knob and focus
  • Neutrik connectors for all DMX and Power connections

The F8-B Also Includes:

  • Barn doors
  • Fully adjustable Junior/Baby mounting yoke for maximum mounting versatility.
  • Two-year parts and labor warranty.

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