Relevé Spot

Light that moves you. ETC has combined a decade of LED optical engineering with 4 decades of theatrical design into an automated fixture specifically for the theatre.

Dance recitals
Plays & musicals
Community events
Band and Orchestra
…and anything else that might find its way onto your stage is elevated with Relevé Spot.

We think you’ll love the feature set created for this theatrical automated fixture.



What your stage needs… The calibrated four-color additive mixing system builds on the success of the ColorSource Deep Blue array offering brighter reds, more vibrant greens, and deeper blues than typical event-focused automated luminaires, with the even and calibrated color mixing you’ve come to expect from ETC. Mix infinite shades of warm and cool whites, every hue of your favorite reds and blues, or the perfect sunset or sunrise.

What you can’t see from the outside… The Unique Ani-gobo wheel paired with the dynamic customizable five-position rotating gobo wheel enable you to create textures like never before. This custom designed, laser etched wheel will be one of your favorite features of the Relevé Spot. Relevé Spot wouldn’t be an automated fixture without a smooth, controllable iris, an 18-54° zoom and the most perfectly subtle theatrical frost in the world.

What you’ll barely notice… Relevé Spot always knows when it’s home. With a startup movement of no more than 1°, you can rest assured that these fixtures will never detract from the show running on stage. Want even more control? You can program the parameters of the fixture so it never rotates into a nearby pipe, balcony rail, catwalk, or other fixture. A brilliant feature that will help programmers of all experience levels to fully utilize automated lighting in places they never have been able to before.

What you’ll appreciate later… With a modular design you’ll never have to worry about costly repairs or full fixture replacement. Backed by 24/7/365 phone support, you can put your mind at ease that ETC will be there for you if you ever need them.



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